The Ultimate in Medical Software

The UltraMed Medical System is a fully functional, web-based ONC Certified EMR and a whole lot more. It includes everything you need to run an outpatient medical group. Many competing products on the market do not include a lot of components that you need to run a medical group. For instance, UltraMed includes Employee management, TimeClock, and Leave Requests. It also includes online Policy and Procedure document management, just to name a few features not found in other products.

UltraMed runs entirely in a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge). It offers everything a medical practice needs in one application, including dictation, document scanning, and patient photos. No need to launch another application to perform any of these necessary functions.

All of the processes are connected whenever possible. For instance, the appointments are linked to the charges, the transcription, the injections given, the medications prescribed, the copayment receipts, etc. This allows all of the systems to function together as one complete solution instead of many separate solutions, which is the approach many medical groups are forced to use.

Technology Partners

UltraMed is written in Javascript on the front end and Caché Objectscript (from InterSystems) on the back end. It uses a database called Caché, which is widely used throughout the medical software industry and which is very fast and very scalable. UltraMed offers electronic prescribing through Surescripts with First Databank supplying a complete drug Database updated monthly. Scanning documents is done using Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN. Appointment reminder calls are made via and patient instructions in several common languages are offered via Krames Patient Instructions. You can learn more about these companies and their products by clicking on the links below. Together with the UltraMed EMR and many other components, UltraMed makes up a complete suite of applications to serve the modern medical group.