• Complete Scheduling, Rescheduling history
  • Cancellation waiting lists
  • Online charge entry

Patient Medical Care

  • Vitals History
  • Current Medication History
  • Injections, orders, and histories
  • Allergies
  • Social History (Smoking, Alchohol etc)
  • Preventative Services (Shots, Last Mammogram, Last PSA, etc)
  • Problem Summary Sheet (Acute Problems, Chronic problems, Surgeries)
  • Scanned Document Processing

Scanning and filing of documents

  • Scanning of insurance cards, Drivers License
  • Digital Patient Pictures


  • Direct Computer recording of dictation
  • Retrieve Dictation via Website
  • Transcription Text posted back via Website
  • Complete history online
  • Inboxes for Physician Signing

Prescription System

  • Inboxes for Physician Approval / Denial
  • Complete History
  • Optional Print RX for signing
  • Online fax to Pharmacy
  • Import RX histories from Insurance Data

Radiology System

  • Inboxes for reporting to Physicians
  • Online results / reports

Phone Messaging

  • Inboxes for Physicians & Nurses
  • Urgent popup notification

Hospital Admits

  • Complete action history of the admit
  • Mobile Synchronization

Managed Care System

  • Claims processing
  • List management of Claims for Review, Pending, Ready
  • Referrals
  • Online Eligibility, Imported from Health Plans
  • Payment Profiles by Specialty or individual provider
  • Claim Image Scanning/Retrieval
  • Encounter Data Submission

Billing System

  • Billing/Payment Processing
  • ECS direct to Medicare
  • ECS to 3rd party payers via Emdeon
  • Authorizations
  • Account Aging
  • Patient Statements
  • Cashier Receipt System

Employee Management

  • Online Timeclock
  • Timecard processing
  • Leave Requests

Lab System

  • Specimen Processing
  • Direct Lab machine result reporting
  • Physician Results Inbox
  • Nurse Inboxes

Financial Statistics

  • CPT
  • ICD
  • Revenue Center
  • Financial Class
  • Per Member Per Month

Complex Letter Generation

  • Customized Patient Instructions
  • Generated HMO Letters

Ad-Hoc Searches for all Applications


  • Instant messaging from system or user to user
  • AutoText substitution
  • Online editing of Lists, Forms, Displays, and Menus via template specifications
  • Report Generator for Programmers

Multiline Fax Server